What ACT Has Done for Palestine

Program : Lensa Kemanusiaan

Publish Date : 09 Apr 2019

Palestine is the pivotal point of the Muslim community in these days. If Palestine is free and liberated, Insha Allah Muslims in other parts of the world will also be liberated and free. Such is the special status of Palestine in front of Allah. Palestine is the waqf land of the Muslims. Hence, if the Muslims around the world want to be strong and dignified, they must support and strengthen Palestine. It is the duty of all Muslims to liberate Palestine. Supporting Palestine is not merely a humanitarian act. What ACT has done for Palestine? Alhamdulillah, Aksi Cepat Tanggap as a humanitarian organization has positioned itself as a medium for the society to help Palestine. We have been continuously initiating new programs that aim not only to optimally help our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine.
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